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Ebbo Tigers Security Services Ltd is a private limited company by shares incorporated under the laws of Uganda in March 2018. Among the many objectives and services, Ebbo Tigers Security Services Limited is licensed by Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to carry on business as a private employment/recruitment agency dealing in internal and external supply of labour both skilled, semi- skilled and unskilled to a big range of industries including but not limited to security services,

Construction, hospitality, accounting, health, Banking, Horticulture, Media, Insurance, marketing, legal, construction, oil and gas etc. We are committed to reducing the rate of unemployment in Uganda by sourcing and identifying the right labour force and matching them with the exact needs of the job Employers. We do not stop at sourcing, recruitment and supply but we also offer 

a broader range of services including but not limited to temporary labour hire services, payroll management, HR outsourcing services, onsite job inspection, and labour and employment law advice among others.

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EBBO Tigers

employment agency in Uganda
employment agency in Uganda
employment agency in Uganda


To be a leading recruitment agency for both internal and external labour in Uganda and beyond.


To reduce unemployment rates and improve labour market efficiency though connecting and providing competitive manpower resources to our clients.

Our Core Values

Ethical recruitment. Timely and efficient. Excellency. Transparency. Accountable. Flexible.

Core Values Explained

To recruit and provide skilled, semi- skilled and unskilled Labour to various firms, companies and individuals in Uganda and abroad.

To collect the ample databases of resumes and job specifications and find suitable job opportunities for the candidates.

To assist businesses in meeting their human resources needs while also serving the needs of job-seekers.

To engage in organizational needs assessment and development consultancy with a view to assisting organizations to come up with an efficient human resource strategy.

To assist in identifying a talent shortfall in the organization, skills gaps and development needs and undertake to fill up the same.

To embark on internal and external sourcing to ensure that our clients the right people and their human resource are in the right
positions to achieve its business goals.

To identify talent in the labor market and make it available to organizations that require skilled and talented people for
various positions by conducting preliminary screening of candidates, evaluating them against the organization’s requirements and then referring those who have the best
qualifications for the job.

To provide skills training as well as education regarding a company’s policies and procedures including employment policies and laws to both workers and employers.

To assist our clients in human resource development, management and consultancy

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